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This Sanskrit compound word means “set of six enemies” which are to banished from mind . The six enemies are

KAMA  ..  Lust
KRODHA  ..  Rage/Anger
LOBHA  ..  Greed
MOHA ..  Delusion born out of ignorance
MADA ..  Arrogance
MATSARYA ..  Jealousy

The set is fine as far as it goes. But I feel it is incomplete. I am of the strong opinion that two more need to be added to the list. They are DVESH (Hatred) and BHAYA (Fear). What is more, they can top the list also.

 The reasons are obvious.  It is not difficult to recognize that hatred has played a major role in the history of mankind and that includes mythology also. It is dominant even today.

Fear is subconscious and man’s actions, attitudes, beliefs etc. are largely driven by the built-in fear. In fact fear is the root cause of ignorance and superstition.

I propose therefore that ASHTAARIVARGA to replace ARISHADVARGA and the order can be

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10/13/2015 06:52 AM

Comment Dear Dr.Raghavan, I thank you for giving me an opportunity with someone who is enlightened. I am hereby condemning the statement that "Arishadvargas or Ariastavargas(as per your two qualities added). We the people always try to hide ourselves from the truth. The world today is once no mans land, where no man is there, there is no good or bad- execpt the infinite nature ruling other living creatures. When the human existence started, then started the good or bad, truth and false, etc etc. just to protect himself by creating a second option of survival that is Good. We can have an elaborated discusion on this topic, but, in order to confirm that your account is still in activation, i have simply put few lines of truth. Kindly reply me, Satya

01/01/2014 02:26 AM

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