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Right Must Rule
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Democracy may be the least imperfect form of governance that mankind has discovered so far, but it is utterly useless if it results in the usurpation of power by the Minorities. This is exactly what has happened in the Indian nation as it stands today. The vast Majority is silent due to various cultural, historical and religious reasons and their shameful silence is being conveniently put to use by a deadly combination of organized Minorities, Marxist and Pseudo-Secular forces that has ruled India for 95% of the time since liberation from the British.
In any ideal form of governance, the power must vest in the hands of the Majority. And it is equally important that the rule of law exercised by the Majority recognize & protect the equality of all citizens including those belonging to any form of Minority. The reverse is not only unacceptable but will always tend to create unrest and tension in the society. Imagine the scenario if a Hindu group captures power in a Muslim majority nation or Muslims rule over a Christian majority USA or Shias running the government in a Sunni majority nation. The consequences can be much more far reaching than in a reverse scenario.
Majority in every nation usually make up the Right side of its political spectrum. The bogey of fascism that is used to prevent them from coming to power is fast becoming an outdated technique in electoral politics. The world has changed and the chances of another Hitler or Mussolini capturing power in any democratic country is almost zero. It is only natural that the ruling power in all democratic nations reaches the hands of Right political parties. Only the Right can fulfill the aspirations of its Majority and only the Majority can ensue the well being of the Minority in any nation. Right Must Rule (RMR) must be the motto in all democratic countries and hope it will be so in India too very soon.

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