Blitze of Words to Fight Rape & Violence

Blitz of Words To Fight Rape & Violence
By Promod Puri
Massive number of demonstrations have been staged, a lot has exuberantly been expressed, suggested, written, discussed and debated on the ever burning issues of violence and rape against women in India. Do we need more to say, more to express and more to propose, as well as reiterate, replay or rerun to build up the spectrum covering the issues.
Categorically Yes!
The more uproar we continue to drum up, even if it is repeated thousand times, to express our anguish and to keep the debate on, the rally of words is both a conviction and an incessant tool to weed out the imbedded immorality.
The street protests rallies may be abating, the politicians may be staying away from the row, the parliament and judiciary might have done their work in formulating and introducing new laws, and the police might have more ammo to apprehend and prosecute the culprits, but the words perpetually being expressed on the issues can keep the fire on.
Delinquent teens and adults, even those approaching the senior age, to fake gurus and saints promising celestial peace, powerful and privileged politicians, high-profile bureaucrats and professionals including the crime-busting scribes, those with "compulsive and impulsive" addictive behavior, and a lot more scums of the society, all are culpable party to this multi-facet social disorder.
Atop an observing post the landscape looks visibly blighted with crimes of rape and violence against women committed by beastly creatures who have practically debased every fold of the Indian society. 
Also from the same post the cries and sobs of traumatized women vehemently struggling to somehow slip away from the beasts, their screams and shrieks to catch some help and their desperate "don't, don't" pleas during those dreadful moments endlessly reverberate like the recreated sounds of executing afflictions from Andaman's "kalapani" jails.
But the agony of the ordeal do shake up the nation's consciousness as has been lately happening in the country. And an ambience of hope is slowly emerging from the horizon. Beside other positive developments, more and more victimized women are boldly coming forward or trying to get thru the clogged system to report the crime and expose the criminals.  After all "silence is the enemy of justice".
Not to speak out publicly is appearing to be a receding taboo. This trend along with the public condemnation and outbursts, overall awareness of the twin issues thru extensive media reporting of the crimes, the protest rallies and the continuous exchange of opinions are all thrown in with a downpour of words. And that sure can help to drain out the culture of rape and violence against women.
The blitz of words must continue.

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