How Do You Spell Success?

Success meand different things to different people. For people in underdeveloped countries, success could be spelled food or water. Homeless people, displaced and feeling invisible, may spell success shelter, warmth, or job.

People who have known poverty and struggle all their life may spell success as money. People who have known oppression may success as freedom or power. People who have known sickness may spell success as health. People choosing to have a family may spell success good parenting, or good provider.

People struggling each day with drug or alcohol abuse may spell success recovery. Or someone working at an unfulfilling and unchallenging job may spell success self employed. A student may spell success scholarship or college degree. A poet or writer spell success publisher. A person tired  of being alone may spell success love. A person overcoming depression may spell success inner peace. A single parent may spell success as financial support. A person riding the bus may spell success as car. An entrepreneur may spell success as more customers. A musician may spell success as record deal.

How do you spell success? Do you let society, the media, your parents, your peers or your spouse define what success means to you? Success isn't always measured in money or status. Your success may never receive an award or be on the front page of a newspaper. What is important to you right now? Is it better health, inner peace, a new car, a happy family, a thriving business, new friends, stronger faith or traveling? Do you want to return to school, have a divine and loving relationship or send your child to college? Do you want to start a business, heal a relationship or enhance your wardrobe? Do you want to start exercising, quit smoking or end a toxic relationship? Do you want to write your book, work in your community or get a new look?

Define success for yourself and begin to do what it takes to achieve it. Success is not like a size does not fit all. Don't compare yourself to others. Be true to yourself.

More By  :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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Comment I really really appreciate the way success is defined.  People always have tall desires.  Sometimes, they have moving desires on increasing trend.  Ultimately, they never get satisfied with what they achieved and attained.  If people have the mindset as defined here, there will not be discrimination, disparity, evil-doings, corruption etc.
Let us all dream that every individual pushes this into each one's mind.

01-Jul-2010 06:59 AM

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