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Ranbir Kapoor : Why he may be a good rockstar but
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The truth about the real box office collections of a movie is always shrouded in mystery as every film seems to making it to the Rs 100 crore club. Mainstream media like the times of india continue to give fillip to such news items without  checking the veracity of such claims.
In a short span of time, Ranbir Kapoor has managed to carve a niche for himself. Though his first movie was a damp squib, Ranbir managed to walk the fine line between an actor and a superstar never losing focus. If  Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani is watchable again the second time, it is only because of Ranbir Kapoor and Kalki. I haven’t watched Barfee but it seems he won over the critics with this movie. Ranbir is a potential combination of Shammi Kapoor + Raj Kapoor + Shashi Kapoor + Rishi Kapoor. That is definitely good news for Bollywood.

While the Kapoors are never known as one-woman husbands, Ranbir’s grandfather was known for his extra marital flings with almost all the actresses that he worked with. Mercifully, the late Suchitra Sen declined to work with him. Despite all his extra marital affairs, Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Kapoor bore everything silently. Ranbir is proving to be a chip of the old block going by the number of actresses he has been linked with. He is a chain smoker and a womanizer and an avant garde flirt. That is why it is hard to believe when the media says that Rishi Kapoor was a strict father. If he was strict, then Ranbir would never be the bad boy he has been projected to be. Ranbir should pick a leaf from Shahrukh Khan’s book. The eternal superstar has acted with many actresses but has always managed to steer clear of controversies.

Imagine a situation where Ranbir is happily married and after a few years of marriage, he starts straying again. How patient and understanding will his wife be? Will she be like the much respected Krishna Kapoor who always managed to stay in the shadows? The chances are remote. Girls nowadays are smart and will never take things lying down. (Reena Aamir Khan, Susanne Roshan.. are a few examples that come to our mind). So, if Ranbir continues with his wild ways, then he can expect a marital life similar to that of his uncles Randhir Kapoor and Rajeev Kapoor (both of whom are divorced).

It would be much more prudent for Ranbir to focus on his career rather than be known for his behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Will he wake up and smell the coffee?

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