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India is often called as “punya bhoomi” or the sacred land. This is a land that has given birth to many saints and acharyas. Beautiful flowers and gopurams that can touch the sky abound in India. Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada are the sacred rivers flowing through our motherland. Ramayana and Mahabharata are India’s greatest classics.

Gaurangar, Purandaradasar, Meera, Andal  have sung hymns in praise of the Lord. They have often shown us the way. The devotion to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama are popular from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In the North, Tulsidas wrote the Ramcharita Manas and offered his obeisance to Lord Rama. The legendary Hanuman Chalisa is so powerful that reading hanuman chalisa is equivalent to reading the sundara kandam.

In the South, in Kerala, Narayana Pattadri wrote the “Narayaneeyam” to grow the devotion of mankind to Lord Krishna/ Lord Guruvayurappa.
Hare rama Hare rama
Rama Rama Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Narayana Pattadri was an erudite person having mastered the veda, shastras, vyakaran etc. At a very young age of 16 years, Narayana Pattadri got recognition as a scholar. His guru’s name was Acyutha Pisharody. Narayana Pattadri was so devoted to his guru that when his guru suffered from paralysis, he served him selflessly and successful transferred his illness into his body. Due to this, Narayana Pattadri became very sick.

Without losing faith, Narayana Pattadri went to Guruvayoor in Kerala. He decided to stay in the holy city and offer his service to Lord. He was 26 when he was taken to the temple in his pitiable condition. He only partook the bhog or Prasad from the temple and sang 10 hymns every day. He continued to sing ten hymns every day for 100 days. On 27th November 1587 he was completely rid of his ailments. Legend has it that Narayana Pattadri lived for 106 years.

There is also an unconfirmed myth that on every occasion when Narayana Pattadri finished reciting a shloka, he asked, “ Oh, Lord Guruvayoorappa, is this true?” and Lord whispered “yes” in his ears.

Mukundan Nair swears by the Narayaneeyam. A former employee of a software company in Bangalore, Mukundan Nair lost his job in 2013 and became a severe victim of depression. His daughter had gone to the States for further studies. His son was studying in Manipal Medical College. With meagre savings at hand, Mukundan did not know what to do.

Until then, Nair had a practice of lighting lamp on Tuesdays and Fridays and pray to Ma Bhagawati. All of a sudden, so incensed he was with God, that from then on, every time he saw a lighted lamp in his home, he felt like stumping it with his foot. He wanted to keep his foot on the lamp to extinguish it. He became hysterical. His mental health deteriorated day by day.
It became a habit then for Mukundan. Every time he walked into his home and saw the lighted lamp he would feel like stumping it. He was unable to overcome these negative thoughts. He felt guilty of committing a great sin. How can he have such impure thoughts for the lamp which is considered a form of Mahalakshmi ? He became more and more sick when he started analyzing the reason for his negative thoughts.

Nothing seemed to work for him. Neither Rudraksha therapy nor Feng Shui nor visit to Kula deiva temple. He even did AOL sudarshana kriya.

Today, there are so many people out there to give you wrong advice. Astrologers in particular. Thinking about stumping the lamp became a habit for him. He decided to commit suicide when he wasn’t able to get another job. It became a vicious cycle.

He felt he wasn’t able to get a job because of his impure thoughts. Unless he got another job he wouldn’t be able to overcome this hatred towards the lighted lamp and God. He started becoming an atheist. It is futile praying to God or visiting religious places – he started feeling in this manner.
Then one day, a neighbor Saraswati Balaraman advised him to read the Narayaneeyam. He is feeling better now after he started reading the narayaneeyam (one chapter every day) but he is still unable to come to terms with the hatred that he had developed towards Lord and towards the lighted lamp. Can any reader help him? How can he overcome this dirty habit?

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usha menon
05/02/2015 02:35 AM

Comment This is witch craft , I had the same problem when relatives did witchcraft on me-,me a daily reciter of rudram, various sahasranamas suddenly wanted to kick the vilakku every day and couldn't recite the mantras also . I went to chottannikkara and prayed for several weeks .-devi showed me the way. It is due to jinns .If you search the internet for a web site -quranic duas .org and type in how to get rid of jinns in their search box it will show what duas to read -it is all explained very nicely -surah ta ha and surah mohammed for 15 days . Please refer to the web site -that is the only place which gives the treatment and it cures . They advice to recite once every day , but from my experience if the evil force is fierce you will have to recite up to 3 times per day.and also they have asked to stop after 15 days and give a break for a week and recite again if required. But this being India ,it is the nearest relatives who do it , and if they see you getting better , they will repeat the witchcraft again ,so if there is any doubt of it recurring , repeat reading again . Also keep an eye that they are not sending any other new once like satans and demons for which the treatment is entirely different .Lord Krishna always shows the way.

11/14/2014 02:43 AM

Comment tell him to go to chottanikara.albecause of blackmagic this kind of negative thoughts disturbing him.tell him to recite thrumurugatru padai.every day.if cant native should listen daily for 48 days.some one can read it infront of him.all evil spirits will run away from him.

11/02/2014 21:39 PM

Comment Should consult Psychiatric Doctor first it is very important as they can make him to come out of Suicidal Tendency.There is nothing wrong to visit a psyc Doc. Faith is very important before Reading Narayaneeyam.In Bagwat Geeta Lord Has said a faithless person and those who envy him can never reach him and cant get his Grace.You should consult Doc f and bring him out of depression first.And in addition,I would like to suggest that make him watch The Secret movie by Ronda Bryne And also get that book.It has really helped many people to come out of depression.Hope it ll help you. God Bless

06/28/2014 08:32 AM

Comment Mr Shiva Thank you so much for your views. It was really so nice of you. I shall communicate to Mukunda regarding the same. Satya

02/12/2014 22:43 PM

Comment Hi, I am Shailendra working in Infosys. As we all know it’s really hard to have your own home in Delhi-NCR but really thanks to Gaur Ganga City. Gaur Yamuna City Yamuna expressway .Who provides me my own home in my budget.

Yamuna City Yamuna expressway
02/12/2014 02:18 AM

Comment Kaliyuga has come to personify all that is bad and undesirable. There is universal lawlessness. People are addicted to sensuality, greed and passion. Religion is stifled. Men practice sin and reap pain, terror, sickness, and bereavement. Duplicity, perversity, hypocrisy, malice, arrogance, lust and pride pervade the whole universe... They practice prayer, penance and charity, perform sacrifices and undertake sacred vows with some unholy design. Afflicted with diseases they do not find enjoyment anywhere. Though their lives are short, in their pride they reckon on outliving the end of the aeon. Kaliyuga is aptly called the storehouse of pollution and vice. However, the great redeeming feature of Kaliyuga is 'easy escape from the cycle of life and death'. A goal achieved in the first three yugas by solemn worship, sacrifice and austerity, is attained in Kaliyug ………………… merely chanting the Lord's name. Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana Kayena vacha Manasendryrva Budhyatmana va prakrithai swabhawath Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai Narayanayethi samarpayami 'NARAYANA’ :- One with noble qualities of Vaatsalya,Swaamitva,Saushilya,SAULABHYA, Gnaana and Shakthi. Nammazhwar has adored 'Krishna' highlighting his 'SAULABHYA' :- accessible nature . Nammazhwar swooned in ecstasy reminiscing ‘Kanhaiya’ being bound by Yashoda maiyyya and remained so ......................for six months .Azhwar's total preoccupation was adoring 'Krishna'- who had declared that His devotee (such a soul) was dear to Him and was indeed His very Self, in ‘Bhagavad Gita’. Nammazhwar reiterated that His Archa form is the most accessible. Whatever form a devotee depicts - He deigns to assume that form. Azhwar highlights His becoming Arjuna's charioteer as the epitome of His Saulabhya. Lord Krishna as a baby graced Yashoda ; willingly submitting to her. As a charioteer He taught 'Gita' to Arjuna and protected him - a singular instance of ‘Saulabhya’. In Narayaneeyam , the poet at first had thought Shri Krishna’s act of creation as cruel; causing various kinds of suffering to one and all . Soon he exclaims overwhelmed by the magnanimity of Guruvayoorappan … else could we get the good fortune to revel in the ocean of supreme bliss by enjoying Thy enchanting form - absolute Bliss itself ! Surrender yourself, with mind firmly resolved, to Guruvayurrappan for the eradication of all your ill fortunes .The Lord who manifests in the form of the entire universe (the soul of all beings in the universe). "He is feeling better now after he started reading the narayaneeyam (one chapter every day) but he is still unable to come to terms with the hatred that he had developed towards Lord and towards the lighted lamp. Can any reader help him? How can he overcome this dirty habit?"..........................................just let go .As you surrender yourself to Guruvayoorappan;your thoughts, feelings ,honour ,valour everything denoting 'U' in totality belongs to him.So cheer up and chant "Narayana", fix Him in your mind, and cross the bhav-sagar (the ocean of existence) effortlessly. 1. 2.

Shiva .D
02/03/2014 13:43 PM

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