Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - Cure it Naturally

Most men do just fine when it comes to getting an erection but there will be times when things won’t go so well down there. It won’t be as hard or last as long as you want. After all, getting an erection is a complex procedure which involves your brain, heart and other external factors like arousal and anxiety. We give you ways to make sure that your partner doesn’t let you down when it matters the most:

Cut Down Your Habits of Smoking:

Smoking’s! bloody cool isn’t it? If only young once who start the smoking newly knew the side effect that what it will have on their sex lives, they’d never light up. Smoking hardens your Blood arteries and lessens blood flow to penis. As per a great Research, ‘Smoking affects every system, organ of the body including our sexual functioning. People need to understand that erection in men has a lot to do with a healthy heart and blood vessels. Smokers are twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.

Limit Your Drinking Habit:

All the fun (In our social lifestyle) that you have intoxicating yourself comes at a cost. Too Much drinking has been known to cause ED i.e erectile dysfunction. It’s far harder to get a good erection when you’re drunk, than when you’re sober and long-term alcoholism is likely to cause kidney,liver and nerve damage which will harm your sex life. 

Stop Worrying About Your Performance:

It is important that you realise that the most important organ in your body is not your penis but your brain. A lot of people fail to get an erection just because they are too anxious or too nervous when the moment arrives, even if they are otherwise healthy. It can also be due to stress or the prospect of living up to the image of masculinity. Sex as it’s portrayed in movies or porn is rarely like the real thing. Just remember that you have been naturally designed to perform sexual functions. Why be scared about it?

Kegels Exercise and Yoga:

Kegels exercises are meant for exercising the muscles of your pelvic region, and can help you gain better control of your bladder as well as improve your sex life. An example of a kegels exercise will be – ‘Imagine you are urinating and then try to stop the flow. Repeat this – squeeze, hold, release cycle 10 times, trying to hold for 10 seconds per squeeze.’ 

Eat Healthy:

Eating the right foods is essential to have a healthy sexual life. A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can improve the quality of your erections by increasing the blood flow to your penis. Also, when it comes to avoiding food, most foods that are bad for your heart, are bad for your erections too because blood circulation is affected. Even if eating junk food won’t give you an erectile dysfunction straight away, it may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Surely, not something you’d like to feel if you are about to indulge in some intense sexual activity. 

Just Move It:

Exercise can improve the blood flow in your body which helps your erections, and leave you feeling fresh and active.  Additionally, it can make you appear more attractive to your partner and leave you feeling sexier.  Also it will improve your cardiovascular health, which will make your heart healthier and get it pumping more blood down there when you need it. Also, studies have shown that exercise is a sure-fire way to beat ED.

Connect Mentally:

A good erection, like we said before, involves a variety of different factors. Of course, your heart plays a part but so does your brain. To be fully aroused, you need to be emotionally connected. So get in the mood, before you decide to bring your loved one into action. 

Get More Aroused, Focus on Foreplay:

There’s an ancient learning which says that if you have an axe and 4 hours to cut a tree, you should spend 3 hours on just sharpening the axe. Likewise, in sexual intercourse it is important to not be obsessed about penetration and indulge in activities like kissing, mutual masturbation, among others. It is not just a great way to have fun, and better for erections – it can help your partner as well since many women fail to orgasm through regular vaginal intercourse. 

Switch Off the Porn:

While it may be necessary to release your pent-up energy once in a while, and porn can help – being addicted to it is not good for your mental as well as physical well-being. Masturbating too often can affect your ability to be aroused when the time arrives, and that can keep a healthy erection at bay. 

If trying these mentioned methods doesn’t help your case, it could be possible that you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction which could be caused due to conditions like diabetes or heart disease or nervine weakness. There are various impotency tests to check whether your problem is physical or psychological. If you’re suffering from it, talk to us for herbal solution and do not pop Viagra or other pills indiscriminately.

Good Luck

More By  :  Dr. Vipul Sharma

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