Shri Narendra Modi and BJP are being branded by Congress, Trinamul Congress, Samajbadi Party, Communists and some others as being communal. The question arises at this juncture, what is a just and unjust political discourse?

Shall we not construe such attack day in and day out also as political bigotry? Must a person seeking power has to shed his/ her religious affiliation? Mr Modi is attacked because he has not worn a skull cap. Does one has to symbolically wear every headgear to show that he stands for that sectarian group? An advertisement the other day in Sunday Guardian pointed out, nobody remembers the Chief Ministers of States where riots took place in independent India. Why point out only Narendra Modi?

By raking up the issue of Gujarat riot ad nauseum the political parties are doing a great dis-service to our nation by not allowing the polity to settle down to a peaceful life.

Actually, people will prove that they are wise if all rabble rousers are rejected irrespective of their political affiliation.

In democracy, in equal franchise, terms like majority community and minority community are meaningless. People who use such terms are inadvertantly doing a great dis-service to the Indian nation. India is a great country. But some know-alls, including some media people, have created such a disaffection in this country by constantly talking about the muslims of this country that life of peace loving people have been endangered by creating a hiatus in peoples' mind.

Everybody has a right to belong to different kinds of groups: linguistic, religious, caste, and all kinds of groups, to have a meaningful life. Never can one obliterate them. Why rouse rabble to win an election? Like non-belief too is a kind of belief, so rabble rousers too are bigots of a kind. Let good sense prevail in Indian polity. This is the only sane wish a well-mening citizen of this country can have. Amen.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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