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What is modern democracy
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When I reflect on Indian political scenario, I get baffled. With a large mouth we say we are the biggest democracy. Where is democracy? You had an Indira Gandhi. You have a Sonia Gandhi, a Mulayam Singh Yadav, a Mayawati, a Jayalalita, a Karunanidhi, a Mamata Banerjee, a Biju Pattanayak, a Tarun Gogoi. You had an N T Ramarao and Ramachandran. Shall we rather call them Kings or Queens in a democratic setup? This then surely is not democracy! This surely is Monarchy through backdoor. Clever people ruling through guile and goons. These Monarchs are made by mass media and authorised by adult franchise. What an 18 year understands about lawmaking. Every leader is like a Chengiz Khan, a Kublai Khan or a Hitler. Modern leaders shout foul instead of using a spear or a sword. They charcter assassinate through words. They are so vile and people mortgage all civil institutions with them. These Monarchs then dent and bend them and a commoner then call upon their religious Gods for comfort and solace. And God is the Monarch of all! This then is modern democracy!

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Comment The words "guile and goons" is just an expression. It does not necessarily apply to party leaders named. Nor the blog writer brackets all the persons named in the same category or any uniform category or wants to point out a uniform style of functioning. The purpose was to point out easily the current prevalent method of top down political leadership. A democratic set up is truly a democratic set up when it is bottom up. The whole purpose was to point out this anomaly.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
05/04/2014 12:59 PM

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