The mindset baggage of the older generation

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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Shri Narendra Modi reportedly has said that he would send back illegal migrants out of India. Shrimati Mamata Banerjee reportedly stated that she will not allow any such thing. Can Mamata Banerjee make such a statement? An illegal migrant surely has no right to stay on. But then the question arises how illegal migration takes place. If it is not the failure on the part of the people who guard the border, then whose fault is it. People who guard the border should be questioned. If an Indian can become an American citizen why can not a SAARC country citizen become an Indian citizen? Illegal migration has to be stopped but legal migration should be allowed. The problem with our country is that we have created excellent institutions but we do not run our institutions well. That is why problems arise. Take for example our great institution of adult franchise. The leaders have lamentably converted this institution into a political discourse of Hindu-Muslim divide. It is such an abominable act that an average peace-loving person is getting the shudder. The first task would be to democratise the political parties first. If political parties do not get democrarised how will a multi-party political system work? Shri Buddhadeb Bhattachaarya the other day said that a Government of industrialists is not wanted. Is this too is not fundamentalism of a kind? When there is a Parliament who will debate and make law how can there be a Government of industrialists? Our political leaders think that an average citizen do not understand anything. I can  say authoritatively, an average citizen is far too wise than the political leaders consider them to be. The younger generation of today is far more focussed. It is the first or second time voters who will decide who will form the Government. That is as well, as they will inherit this country. Let us not put our mindset baggage on them. The earlier generation should make themselves look respectable to the younger generation. This is the least the elder generation can do for the younger generation. 2014 election campaign has unfortunately not indicated this. This has made me a retired citizen of this country very very unhappy.

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