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India Election - Modi, Congress & Third Front
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It is Narendra Modi of Bharatiya Janata Party vs the rest. 
Vote for the BJP is not a vote for the party but for Modi himself as he prefers it that way during the current India election campaigns.
Even the party he belongs to BJP, including its veteran leaders and founders, and the party's motherboard RSS, are ducked under his fortifying stronghold.
So Modi is the BJP and the BJP is Modi. All in one.
And among the rest of the political outfits, though there are opposing candidates, their individual target has been Modi.
This is the Modi cult. If he becomes prime minister it can be alarming and even terrifying for the following reasons:
1. Modi carries an indelible tattoo of being anti minorities particularly Muslims, and to some extent being anti Dalits and Schedule Caste. He is silent on the issue of violence against women and their rights.
2. His model of development is based on crony capitalism whereby dirt cheap loans and agricultural lands are given away to industrial houses in the name of economic development (benefisheries Tatas, Ambanis and Adanis; losers poor and helpless farmers and farm workers).
3. His claims of economic headway in Gujarat are logically and reasonably challenged; and his record of human development as chief minister is dismissal.
Despite all that Modi is projected as the next prime minister mainly because the ruling Congress Party under the twin leadership of Sonia Gandhi and prime minister Manmohan Singh is furiously despised for the following reasons:
1. The two continuing terms leaves the Congress with a legacy of mega scandals and corruption.
2. The dynastic control of power from Nehru down to Rahul
3. Indecisiveness to tackle issues.
4. Frequent breakdown of law and order resulting in miseries and deaths. The latest being in Assam.
5. Environmental degradation and persistently stinky garbage and sanitation problem.
And the list goes on.
In this tainted scenario the BJP and the Congress are the only two national parties dominating the Indian political space. The Communists seem to have migrated to Cuba.
An average Indian voter is in dilemma to select stigmatic Modi led  BJP or the dynastic run and scandal-wrapped Congress. 
But still there is the Aam Aadmi Party factor, and the vehement role being played by the influential regional parties.The latter can emerge to undertake the role of a king maker, either from its own ranks or from any of the two national parties.
And if that happens, despite its hotchpotch outlook, the democracy in India will be more rooted with better regional representation and autonomy. Moreover, this coalition beside boosting secularism in democracy can curb  the racist emergence in the Indian political formations.
In the next several days we will see if India will sit in Modi's godi (lap) or opt for the so-called third front. Keep fingers crossed till May 16.

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Comment Pramod Puriji, you have a bias but the bias is hidden. If you blame Modi for 2002 Gujrat riots, why are you not blaming Tarun Gogoi for Bodo massacre of muslims in Assam? Why are you not blaming the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra for Mumbai riots and Massacre of innocents by terrorists in Mumbai a few years back. Why not blame Akhilesh Yadav for riots a few months back in Uttar Pradesh. You are also of the same ilk as Modi baiters. You just read newspaper headlines and tote rabble rousers. You should read all kinds of reports and make your analysis and speak. You are using a newly fashionable word "crony capitalism". This is all nonsense. We want Macdonalds, Kentucy Fried Chicken but we do not want Ambani, Adani, et al. Capital is important. Enterprise is important. If Indian enterprise does not come up, India will be sold to a new incarnation of East India Company. Those who lauded Manmohan Singh two decades ago are speaking against him now. But what is happening in India is just a corollary of workings of Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh. India simply had no way out. Whatever good UPA1 did was because of the common minimum programme of communists backed social welfare programme. That is why L K Advani could not become Prime Minister of India last time. He would have been a good prime minister. Do not blame Sonia Gandhi because she agreed to Pranab Mukherjee's economic application when Pranam Mukherjee was finance Minister. India now needs Narendra Modi just to consolidate the Indian Nation. The Gandhi clan is unequal to the task. Until Congress party democratises itself and allow leadership to grow, Congress and the country, both are doomed. Regional satraps are unequal to the national leadership. Both BJP and Congress must grow and be like Republicans and Democrats of America. America has far more number of states and American democracy is far superior to Indian democracy. Of course ours is younger. Modi baiters are doing dis-service to this country. He is pro-Indian; and that is a republican trait. He has said he does not distinguish between a Hindu Indian and a muslim Indian. That is a correct attitude. Modi has not belittled senior BJP leaders. L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi have aged. They could not campaign the way Modiji has campaigned. Pramod Puriji has a bias. He loves to hate Modi because it is fashionable in a way. Only Narendra Modi has grown since election campaign has started. All others have only made hate speeches against Modi. Mind you, this is from a Modi critic. India needs Modi today and the republicans of India, i.e. BJP.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
05/08/2014 04:15 AM

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