The know all Indian journalists

Our television journalists should learn from BBC how to be a dignified moderator. One of the worst TV journalist in my opinion is TMES NOW's Arnab Goswami. He is a pulp jurnalist of the Television. As a news reader in NDTV he was OK. But he has not learnt from his previous employer Pranay Ray. Such pulp journalists are doing more harm to the nation than purveyor of information. When will such journalists learn that they have some social responsibility. Much as I speak to an average citizen such journalists (Arnab Goswami is just an example) influence people's mind and without thinking, general populace flaunt their fractured understanding of national issues because of such know all journalists. Such journalists are causing irreparable damage to the nation. It is not good to fill up television time with such jounalism. Again I repeat they should learn from BBC or at least from Pranay Ray.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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