The cool cool Manmohan Singh

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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Finally, Manmohan Singh is demiting office. When Sonia Gandhi proposed his name everybody by their silence approved. Manmohan had no foe. He had made his name as Finance Minister. Over a period of time he lost his popularity as by popular perception the Economy slided. The perception was wrong but popular perception is difficult to be over written. Manmohan Singh showed firmness once when he locked horns with Prakash Karat and signed the Nuclear deal. Only once he showed his firmness. He, otherwise, never showed his firmness. It is another matter that L K Advani projected himself as an antithesis of Manmohan Singh but still could not come to power. I really sympathasize with L K Advani. I learnt early in life from a hardcore communist, a man's strong point is his weak point. The reverse, if it is true, a man's weak point is his strong point. L K Asvani and Manmohan Singh prove respectively the two statements. But late in Manmohan Singh's political career I admired his bhadralok personna. Never he lost his temper. Never he uttered an unkind word. He will be remembered for this. The time he held office has been turbulent. But he never lost his cool. This will stand out in the history of Indian Parliamentary democracy. We are likely to see a different India. But that will be another story.

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