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But For Godse
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Convincing victory of BJP led by the redoubtable Modi in the 2014 General Elections is a clear watershed in the history of India. The ultimate rise of right wing politics (BJP) and culture (RSS) was a forgone conclusion ever since India’s division on religious lines in 1947. It never made any sense in any Indians’ mind to have one part of their Mother Land divided exclusively for one religious group and the other one for all religious groups again. In that case, what is the necessity of a division in the first place? We could have continued to stay together as always in peace. Division of India was the culmination of a long process of alienation and mistrust between two religious communities. The two divided parts are bound to go under the rule of the two rival forces.

Though it was Gandhiji and Jinnah, supreme leaders of the two rival factions that presided over India’s division, the two never got a chance to rule like Nelson Mandela. They were very easily obliterated by much more ambitious second rung political Chankyans like Nehru and Ali. After liberation from the British, Nehru’s target was World statesmanship and it was this selfish motive that changed the whole scenario. To make matters worse, assassination of Gandhiji by a right wing activist like Godse, provided the much needed opportunity for Nehru to turn the tables in pursuit of his purely selfish pursuit at the cost of a fragile newly born Indian nation. How that destructive run ended in tragedy with the brutal attack by China is now known to all Indians. As many great men had predicted, India would have been much ahead in leading the world from the front into the twenty first century.

But for Godse (BFG), the history of India would have been completely different. Godse’s remote association with the nationalist right wing political forces has delayed its arrival on the national scene by almost 40 years. BFG, India would have come under Jan Sangh or BJP rule latest by 1977, immediately after lifting of Emergency. Nehru’s ambition was purely his own and he might not have envisaged a rule by his dynasty. But the immense damage unleashed by his progeny on an intrinsically democratic and secular Hindu majority nation is far beyond our imagination. It is nothing but shameful for a great nation to learn that almost a quarter of its sons and daughters remain below the poverty line even after almost seven decades of self rule. BFG, the world’s longest surviving civilization would have regained its rightful leadership of the world by now. But it is never too late.     

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