Ethics in Business

Spate of scams  in the last decade has brought the country to the crossroads- when one must introspect. Every institution appears to be vulnerable. One tends to blame only government institutions; the private sector is seldom under the scanner. One must remember that every scam does involve the private sector business houses. The malaise is deep-seated. In the name of “free economy”, there is little or no regulation. The expression reminds one of the failed economies of east Europe.

The institutions of a free economy, driven by greed, have proved themselves incapable of governance. Their leaders come from the best of educational institutions. Most of them study at tax-payer’s expense (read subsidy) and lead us to the wonderland of scams. Therefore, it is the meritorious group that is partly responsible for scams. And they support each other so that this cycle continues. A tainted former cabinet minister once addressed students of IIM-Ahmedabad, and was applauded by some of them.
In the corporate segment, one often hears the remark: “I am no Gandhi.” The word Gandhigiri has also been coined. Such expressions are usually heard when decisions bordering on ethics have to be taken.
The Supreme Court once observed that “something is rotten in Allahabad High Court”. Actually, the rot is overwhelming. Arguably, a second freedom movement might lead to a solution. Scamsters must be thrown out of power and those in private sector debarred from doing any business whatsoever.
Recent mandate to BJP is an opportunity to Team Modi to clean up not only Ma Ganga but the whole Motherland. With approximately US $ 500 Billion of our nation being illegally stashed abroad (as admitted by previous CBI Director), the job  is cut out but not easy. Again several of our newly elected Honourable Member of Parliament have recorded criminal cases pending against them (in the new House they are estimated to be34 % against 30% in the earlier House). All this is going to make it difficult for Team Modi to attempt a clean-up.
The Business Houses and captains of Industry must not only profess to be ethical but exhibit the same. After all Business is largely done with public funds !

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment Nicely written ! It seems that we all have accepted a moderate functioning of the legislation & hardly turn out for a significant decision from the government. A diplomatic approach to the problem is okay but the opacity which has curtained over our ideas must get obliterated.

Surya Kant Prasad
13-May-2017 01:18 AM

Comment Its 100% True. We will work together to Remove Corruption from the Nation.

Kishore Kr Singh
17-Jun-2014 23:57 PM

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