Best of luck NDM

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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One Bengali fortnightly magazine, read mostly by literarary minded Bengali intelligentsia gave  the following headline on Shri Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi getting elected as Prime Minister: "Great Expectations". That truly sums up the country's sentiment as far as NDM is concerned. It is being told that he has his trusted lieutenants in his ministerial team. One of course feel saddened when more familiar faces are getting faded, people who lighted the lamps for so long and with whom the party has almost been synonimous. But history is always cruel. Gandhi was ignored by his most trusted lieutenant and finally he was assasinated. Indira Gandhi, who reinvented the party, lost her life and the life of two of her sons. Sonia Gandhi could not become Prime Minister because of her foreign origin; neither she could put her son in power. Nehru's economic and foreign policy were slowly erased by Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh. Manmohan, the darling of people having been credited for economic reforms relinquished power blamed for the country's economic situation! Congress, the champion of propounded secularism, was blamed for Sikh carnage following Indira Gandhi's assassination. Let us see, whether history is kind to NDM. Every politician waxes eloquent about people and term them as God in democracy. But the truth is that general populace are not so good. They only beg of Gods and demand of political leaders, whether justified or not. BJP was removed when it talked of India shining. When Advani projected himself as a strong leader it chose Manmohan. But now strong leader MDM has been saddled with power by the same people. NDM said he will not do anything for himself. Of course Indians do like selfless people. That surely is in NDM's favour. Best of luck to our 15th PM. There is an astute statesmanly President too for him. We can only hope things will work out best for the country. But ultimately God decides everything. Best of luck to India's 15th Prime Minister.

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