Cure Pre-Mature Ejaculation Problem

With Yoga

Uttanapadasana — beat premature ejaculation and stomach ailments with this asana
Mainly meant to strengthen the working of your intestines – an organ which according to Ayurvedic principles is the key to maintaining a healthy body — this asana has multiple benefits. It helps beat constipation, digestion problems and boosts one’s metabolism. Due to all the positive effects it has on the digestive system this asana is also believed to help a man control his rate of ejaculation, helping him beat premature ejaculation.  Read about other natural ways to beat constiaption.
Kandharasana — have a stronger orgasm and beat menstrual cramps with this asana:
Kandharasana also known as the shoulder pose is an asana that is great for both men and women. Not only does it increase both a man’s and woman’s sexual desire, it also helps in strengthening the functioning of a man’s sperms and a woman’s ovaries — helping couples overcome infertility. Apart from that it also remedies disorders of the thyroid gland, strengthens the back and shoulder, massages the spine and fights bad posture. The best part about this pose is that it helps improve the functioning of the lungs, reproductive organs and digestive system. Apart from helping women with menstrual disorders, it also helps beat vaginal discharge due to infections and increases lubrication within the vagina. So if you want to really steam things up between the sheets this asana is for you. 
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