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Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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Oh, how much I was looking forward to Pakistan Prime Minister Shri Nawaz Sharif's visit to India on the occassion of Prime Minister NDM's swearing in ceremony. Shri NS has not failed us. And today his meeting with NDM and his press briefing at Taj Man Singh too was excellent with right tone and tenor. I think both the countries have walked quite some distance as a result of past unfortunate engagements. It is right time now that both come to an understanding that bygone is bygone and both walk forward to an understanding and agreement that whatever be the provocation, both the countries will refrain from military engagements. No hiding the fact that India is the elder brother. The younger brother has separated. But let the two brothers live in peace side by side. Kashmir should not peep in the relationship. Nor should Bangladesh. If Pakistan separated from India, let us accept Bangladesh too separated from Pakistan. India has nothing to gain or loose from the second event. If Bengal could be bifurcated, Punjab could be bifurcated, whatever be the sentiments of Kashmiris, why India and Pakistan have to be perpetually engaged in the matter? Of course, Pakistan's intrusion and forcible occupation is unfortunate. But let bygone be bygone. Militancy in Kashmir should be left behind and the line of actual control should be made like the border between Canada and the USA by mutual agreement and some kind of India Pakistan common border agency. A similar arrangement should be made by Pakistan and Afganistan and India and Bangladesh, so that SAARC in another two decades should be like European Union. NDM should take this task in hand.

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