Vigilante governance

The signs are ominous. It seems sections of society want NDM (Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi) to fail, not because of him but because of him! Sections of society who are unhappy with the election results, now, will try to foment trouble and divert NDM from the plank BJP won the election from, viz., development and good governance. The signs are in Bengal, UP, Maharashtra and Haryana. Because the traditional vote bank politics failed this time because of NDM's single handed effort, frustrated people and sometimes over-enthusistic people and sometimes downright anarchists may make attempts to topple the Indian societal applecart. Sure enough, they will meet the same fate as leftists faced in West Bengal, as leftists' best student (sans left's ideology) is taking Bengal to a situation worse than what was Bihar one decade back. I believe NDM is tough enough to take the challenge. We Indians should bless ourselves that India is saved a Tianmen Square or Taharik Square. The nearest was the aftermath of the Nirbhaya episode. One caution though for the big business houses of India. Be careful. India should not turn into Pakistan, where I am told 13 rich families and their Army traditionally had been calling the shots.  

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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