The hard fact about price rise

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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Now that Modi government is in saddle, some unpleasant things must be told right in the beginning. Why food prices went up at a galloping speed? First of all it was the NDA Government's super highways that was reason number one. Second, it is the building spree along metropolital cities that took away cultivable land. Other infrastructure projects too took away cultivable land. Conversion of cultivable lands restricted supply of perishable commodities to metropolitan cities. So perishable commodities were brought from far-flung areas, which pushed up price. Shri Modi's plan of trfurcating Food Corporation of India may make rice, wheat, pulses cheaper. But if there is an investmentment angle, then fall in price may be offset by inflation. Shri Modi's plan is for fast investment, which in turn will increase money availability in the market, which will push up prices. I do not see balance of trade improving with China. If there is more money in the market, demand of Chinese products will grow. In terms of prices India will not be able to compete with China. The only avenue left to India is to export human resources abroad, especially Africa. I shall request Shri Modi to staff foreign embassies with marketing people who will report back home specific countries' needs of human resources. India can then directly come to agreements with such countries for export of human resources. India should take up infrastructure projects in African and other countries. What about taking Hindustan Motors to Africa?

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