Baanglaadeshi Bengali & Indian Bengali

Baanglaadesh's National Language is Baangla. West Bengal's state language too is Baangla, which is one of the Indian National languages. But there are finer differences between Baanglaadesh Bengali and Indian Bengali. People in India whose mother tongue is Baangla often lament that Baanglaa will servive because of Baangladesh, not West Bengal. But till today the literary weightage of Bengali language weighs heavy because of West Bengal, though correctly speaking, it is because of creations in undivided Bengal. Though literature of substantive value have been created in both parts of Bengal, creativity-wise West Bengal outstrips Bangladesh, tough population-wise and size-wise Bangladesh is twice the size of West Bengal. The main reason I feel is the composite demography of West Bengal. Sheikha Hasina with a strong hand has dealt with fundamentalist people of Bangladesh. She has done that because she and her father in my opinion Bengalees first.

A culture and language are products of Geography. Religion is a matter of soul and solace. Many times they became trans-national because of conversions for appeal or even reign. Some religious practices of course become part of the culture too. So, culture and religious practices are intersecting sets. The two do not overlap each other completely.

Bangladeshi Bengali uses terms like Pani, Chaachaa, Khaalaa, Fufi, etc., which are typically North Indian terms, more correctly Hindustani terms, which a Bengali of West Bengal will not use if he or she is not a muslim. So, to express brotherhood, a Bengali of India has to perforce use the word Pani and not Jal for water, which he or she will not do natually. Though Pani I believe is of Sanskrit origin, it does not go with the Bengali language very well. A Bangaldeshi will never ask for Jal if he or she is thirsty, he or she will ask for Pani. Strangely, in UP, officially, they will use the term Jal for colloquial Pani. I do not know whether Brazillian Portuguese is any different from Portuguese of Portugal colloquially. Culture, language and religious culture are really inscrutible! How much is the role of psychology and by ascribing is a matter to ponder over. Geography is the only unquestionable and stable factor in the matter. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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