Detering illegal immigrations

I have a simple solution to stopping illegal migration to border states of India. Every Indian citizen above the age of 18 may be requested to fill up a form containing the following data to the nearest police station by 31st March 2015: Name in full, Mother's name in full, Father's name in full, Place of birth, Date of birth, Place of birth of mother, Place of birth of mother. If the person concerned is born abroad, when the person, his/ her father & mother migrated to India and why. Only medically unfit people may be exempt from this requirement. Also, any employer, private or otherwise should be asked to submit an affidavit that they do not have any employee who is not registered in the above manner. Further self employed people should carry a duplicate copy of such a filled up form duly acknowledged by the police station where the person is professionally occupied or residing. Illeterate people may get such a form filled by an agency floated by Government and duly attested by the agency. The agency may be headed by a commission of three Government officers of the rank of Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and an Under Secretary. An website too can be put up to facilitate such registration. This will stop vote bank politics in border states and other places and fear of demographic changes in India and shrill minority politics which causes unpleasant rhetorical utterances by irresponsible political leaders in almost every election.

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Comment Thank you, Raghavji. At least ne person has seen some merit in the suggestion.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
19-Jun-2014 14:24 PM

Comment Right & a practical solution.

19-Jun-2014 07:03 AM

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