The reason behind the environment of anarchy.

So, bad days are here again. A Jute Mill CEO is killed by daily wage workers. There is something sinister about it. And Chief Minister as usual blaming her political rivals. It is a shame. The resident CEO it seems was popular with the workers. On reflection of the despicable political scenario in West Bengal for some time I have come to some kind of conclusion or so which goes like this. The present Government of West Bengal has not been able to unearth a single skeleton in the lesftist cubboard of 35 years. Leftist's aggressive trade unionism did immense damage to West Bengal. Their political headache has become a still worse headache after loosing political power. The hooligans and bad elements has shifted side and are with the political power that are at this moment. The unemployed who were patronised by the leftists are now having a free run as evidenced by the syndicate raj in New Town. Leftists had an ideology, impracticable ideology, maybe. The party in power has no ideology. Or, rather, an unprincipled ideology of pampering, pandering and hating the predicessors. Sure enough, they will annihilate themselves but after creating havoc in the state. Further, I have a feeling, disgruntled elements of previous regime of 35 years who could not make much money because of politburo, central committee, state committee and what not are out to make hay with a vengeance till the present regime meets its waterloo by switching sides. They dam care of the political party in power. Annaji, where are you? Even a child has to be pampered, so too a wife or a husband or a friend. What can you do to human mentality?

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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