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Just be
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Sometimes life drives us to where we want to be. It acts in the sub conscious and leads us in a direction where we really want to be. The last couple of days have been very different for me. I have almost experienced a sense of freedom not known to me before. A freedom to break through the chain of my thoughts, a freedom to unlearn, a freedom to exceed the boundaries, a freedom to just be, a freedom of self belief and a freedom to be hopeful. They say that when all goes wrong, a man who doesn't abandon hope survives and comes out stronger. Everything in this world is a mirage. We never see what is, but only a reflection of what we think it is. Its easier to lose sight of the truth and oneself with so many avenues of entertainment around us. Thinking about these reflections tires us out. We forget to just be. Imagine if we could just be, without any thoughts propelling us forwards or backwards, how simple things would appear. For things are complicated by how we think about them.

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