Leading by Remote Control

Leading by Remote Control
Mrs Sonia Gandhi has ruled the nation for two consecutive terms through remote control by installing Mr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India. Lot of discussion took place whether she could assume this high office in view of her foreign antecedents. Ultimately we saw all the trappings of power being enjoyed by the family at taxpayer’s expense.
Now there is lot of cry about claim for office of  Leader of Opposition- Mr Kharge being mentioned for it. Why does not Congress opt for Mrs Sonia Gandhi or Mr Rahul Gandhi for this position ?
Mr Rahul Gandhi has a good opportunity to lead from the front. He would surely learn a lot about nation’s problems and about parliamentary proceedings. Is it that Mrs Gandhi’s family is so much used to remote control that they had better have someone else to take the blame whenever anything goes wrong ? After all they have enjoyed all the power and influence  without any accountability. What could be better !
The country has seen a spate of ruling by proxy- Mr Laloo Yadav installed his wife  Mrs Rabari Devi as Chief Minister of Bihar. Nothing illegal- but was that suppose to ever happen ? Could the founding fathers of our Constitution have ever imagined such brilliant manipulations.

Let us see what unfolds in the future for Leader of Opposition. 

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment I wonder what will happen to our economy, if educated people like Dr Manmohan Singh choose to become 'remote controls'? They give up their independence to take responsible decisions on the basis of what and who? History shows- Ultimately, it is the common man who must suffer!

09-Jul-2014 13:04 PM

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