An alternative blueprint for India

People always ask silly questions. Right after presentation of budget by Sh Arun Jatley, on television, in sitcoms, the discussion is on whether this budget will bring down prices. Before even this question can be answered, at least the most rudimentary knowlege of economics is needed to be known. When there is a plenty of supply of a product and not enough buyers, price goes down. But the why somebody will produce a plenty of product until he gets good price for it. The capitalist economic philosophy says market does a balancing act. Now Modi Government will to some extent stem the rot of policy paralysis. In India's case it translates to inflow of foreign capital. Foreign capital will pump in a lot of capital, which will result in job creation and availability of more expendable money. How can price go down. The challenge is to put in some money at the unemployable people. So, across the population spectrum, every unemployable person has to be given Rs. 1000/- or so, i.e., Rs. 12,000/- per annum. If there are 10 crore unemployable people, it comes to Rs. 1,12,000/- crore. This the Government has to do. The Governments have to employ millions of home guards with a salary of Rs. 3,000/- pm, i.e., a salary of Rs. 36,000/- per annum who will police the streets, railway stations, public places. They will be watch dogs for law enforcement agencies, looking after cleanliness, see that there is no overcrowding in public transport, boats, will transport sick to hospitals. It should be ascertained that these home guards will have no political colours. I am certain price rise can not be stopped. Indian rupee is now almost 2 yen. In last thirty years Indian rupee has got devalued by a few tens. It will only go up when we shall achieve technological leadership. Indians, stop politicking and try to be achievers. Have you seen Modi's grim face? He knows it all. Let us be patriotic. Forget enmities of partition. Strive to make SAARC like European Union. Show leadership, like Modi said, "let us gift SAARC a satelite". This is the way ahead. Let us have a railway that connects Turkey, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar. Let us have a diffenrt blueprint of international relations. That is the way ahead. Otherwise, we are doomed. 

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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