Waiting time for Glasnost in West Bengal

Jyoti Basu can be likened with Lenin. What was naturally expected of the wearer of Jyoti Basu's mantle, viz., Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, was to wear the coak of Stalin. But Mr Bhattacharya was a Bengali bhadralok. A Bengali bhadralok can never be a Stalin. He jumped to become a Gorbachov. But until West Bengal goes through Stalinism, Breznevism, Yeletsinism, it can not jump to Gorbachovism. So Bengalees are on their knees to West Bengal's version of Stalin, i.e. Mamata Banerjee. Like Dev Kanta Barooah said India is Indira and Indira is India, Mamata is Trinamul, and Trinamul is Mamata. And see, what has happened to all knowing Bengalees. They are on their knees before this lady! What a curse! When Bengalees will come out of this curse, only almighty God knows. Or shall we say, let Stalin pass, let a Breznev come, then a Yeletsin, then a Gorbachov and finally Putin! But in that process USSR was gone. Can we say with confidence, that West Bengal will last till the arrival of a Bengali Putin! I always felt, Bengalees may face a homeland crisis like Israelees. If that be so, I will not like an Israeli concept. The earth is a big couldron. Let the races get mixed up. There is no harm. Mixed breeds are always the best. Civilizations run their course. Nobody should lament andno politicking should be done. India is a great example of that.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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