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Malaysia airlines flight17 is undoubtedly shot down by either Ukrainian security forces or pro-Russian rebel group on its flight to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam on July 17th. This accident is much more simpler to re-solve than the March 8th case when flight370 had disappeared mid-way & no concrete logical conclusion is reached so far, let alone recovering the remains of the passengers & the flight itself.        
The point is do we think about those passengers who lost their lives in these two accidents? Have we tried to understand their difficulties arising out after losing lives of their relatives? Are we going to help them financially in this tragic period of their life? Unfortunately no.
The world is busy discussing the larger pictures only. We look for macroscopic solutions only & forget those who have lost the lives of their near & dear ones & don’t have any chance of replacement. They will have to carry this burden for rest of their life & no solution is going to help them get back their sons, daughters, mothers & father.
The world is like that only because it’s more logical to think about rest of the world than those 295. How selfish!

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Comment Prashantji, I am compelled to think- is this what great minds like Newton, Aryabhata thought while discovering laws of motion and other theorems. Who knew the same discoveries could lead to such catastrophic incidents. Are we not barbarians ? What gives us the right to call ourselves advanced., modern citizens of 21st century? Is this for what we send representatives to Parliaments in any country. In so called developed countries we have armament industrial organization who cannot thrive without conflict in one or the other part of the world.

07/20/2014 12:47 PM

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