New law and constitutional arm required

A new kind of terrorism has been unleashed by the political party in power in West Bengal. The said political party has come to power with only one agendum, viz., hate communists. People who hated communists for their jingoistic trade unionism and the politics of bandh brought this abominable political party of West Bengal to power. Many of these people who led these hate communists campagin are now aghast at the workings of the political party in power and are keeping away from the limelight now instead of admitting their fault publicly. Meanwhile, the political party in power is filling its ranks with the bottom rung workers of the political party which ruled West Bengal for three decades and a half. Not that one can be proud of that political party too, who too had mixed up the party politics and government administration. But at least they had a philosophy. The current political party in power sorely lacks that. It is a political party which has taken the political discourse to such an abysmally low level that West Bengal's welfare is threatened. Less the whole country falls in the same ditch, certain enactments are needed in this country immediately. The Election Commission carries out elections and model code of conduct has to be followed once election is declared. Law and order being a state subject, gaping holes have come to light because of the machinations of the workings of the political party in power in West Bengal. It will be appropriate now to arm the Election Commission with enforcement teeth by giving it enough power to jail people who resort to unscrupulous means of filling its ranks through intimidation, terrorisation, acts of hooliganism, murder, loot and what not. They should also have right to ban people resorting to such acts from participating in any campagn, standing for any public position for the whole lifetime (a kind of life sentence). Experts may reflect on the matter and come out with appropriate law and a constitutional arm before India's democracy comes for a severe beating in the near future.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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