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Thank you H.H. Sri Sri
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For me to speak or write about the revered his holiness Sri Sri is like showing a candle to the Sun. In the last few years, this man has spread his knowledge about the art of relaxation through proper breathing techniques all over the globe. He is a guru who his followers worship on all days – not just on guru poornima day.
Here is a guru who has a magical enchanting voice that enthralls millions. Never mind the adverse media reports that occasionally spurt out. It is okay. If there are millions who are benefiting from this revered and respected spiritual leader’s AOL and other meditation techniques that is what matters the most.
I listen to his “pancha kosha” meditation DVD. What a magical voice! What an enchanting voice! He says – “Become aware of your mind. Become aware of your body. Become aware of your feelings. Become aware of your thoughts if there are any.” He says – “Do not worry about unpleasant thoughts”. Yes, it is a tad difficult initially. But believe you must in this guru. Belief has to be strong. Faith has to be strong. Then magical things will happen to you.
Sometimes you get negative thoughts only so that you may appreciate the positive thoughts that you often tend to ignore. We should love our body. We should respect our body. Let us not criticize ourselves. Every human being has his fallings. But every human being has his strengths too. The revered guru creates an awakening in you powered by soulful music that moves you over a period of time. It picks you from the quicksand of misery and misfortune and elevates your soul. The revered guru says – “Leave your problems to me. I assure you that this [the negative influences] too shall pass”.
In Bangalore and across India and the whole world, this great soul has taught people the importance of breath. Many of us have forgotten what proper breath is. Many of his followers swear by the power of his sudarshan kriya and sahaja meditation technique.
At the end of the day, everything boils down to your thoughts. Let us have healthy thoughts that can lead to healthy emotions. Let us be in harmony with environment.
It is not enough to eschew the harmful emotions like fear, anger, greed, jealousy, hatred but it is important to transform them into positive thoughts or feelings. If each one of us can practice positive visualization, then we have done our duty friends. Believe me, it is not at all easy. It is tough. But it is possible.
They say that fear is the most disintegrating element of human personality. Often our fears are unfounded. The negative thoughts that we have, believe me, are never going to materialize unless we make it happen. Nature is such that its angels and messengers are there by default to help us. All that we need to do is ask. Knock the doors of happiness and these doors will open.
I often pray to my grandparents who departed long back and invariably they have helped me overcome insurmountable difficulties in life. I have prayed and requested the revered H H Sri Sri Ravishankar and so far I have never been disappointed. As I have mentioned before, the gurus act as catalysts who pass on our message to the Almighty – the supreme force in the Universe.

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