Transperancy in Railways

I have a suggestion to make to Sadananda Gauda, our Railway Minister. A Railway ticket should carry at its back a breakup of the price of the ticket, viz., fuel cost, services cost, air-conditioning charges, food charges and miscellaneous charges. Actually when Rajdhani was first introduced it used to show a/c charges and food charges separately. If such a thing is done, people will appreciate value for money. I also suggest, Railways should also show in the ticket platform charges and rail-bridge charges. A surcharge for platform upkeep and modernisation and railbridge modernisation can be taken by the Railways. A small refund should be made to passengers if a train is running late. Also, it should show insurance payment in case of fire, accident, maiming and death due to accidents. Indian Railways can can make Indians appreciate value for money in this way. This will also go a long way in improving value systems of Indians generally.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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