Unfortunate Mrs Sonia Gandhi comment

Mrs Sonia Gandhi's comment that communal problem is on the rise is very unfortunate. She has still not learnt any lesson from the results of the last election. I will request her son and herself to soak in the ethos of Indianness. Muslim rule and British rule have made India's majority population peevish and if Mrs Gandhi, Mamata, Mulayam, Lalu, Nitish and many others like them do not reform themselves, it will be very unfortunate for this country. Rise of Hindu Mahasabha, Jan Sangh, Bharatiya Janata Party and Akalis are because of the negative politics of the people like those named above. Nowhere in the world a majority population is made to have a guilt complex by repeat the world secularism ad nauseaum by the political masters. Hindus are most tolerant because of their history and lessons they have learnt during the times of Ramayana and Mahabhaarata. Hindus do not believe in religious conversions unlike the Christians and the Muslims. Indian history is full of wars as evidenced from the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabhaarata. But India has learnt its lessons long back. But the Brahmanical tyranny of  of the technical people and unthinking forced conversions during Muslim rule have created class conflicts in India. Opportunistic and out and out politically power hungry people are causing religious tension in this country. Most people do not understand what makes a person Hindu, or a Musalmaan, or a Christian or a Sikh. Only politically power hungry people create the divisions. Our jounalists too have little understanding of Indian ethos. When parents of a Hindu girl who fall for a Muslim boy get concerned for their daughter, media generally take a stance showing the girl's parents and their society in poor light. This is really bad. Marriage is not just a licence of a male person to sleep with a certain girl, it is much too complicated and societal and involved. If societies do not understand this and take well-judged decisions and fall prey to opportunistic politicians and media rabble raisers our country is in  for bleak prospects really.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comment Yes, unless the HIndu ethos is imbibed and respected by the political parties and leaders, they can never hope of giving a sustained leadership to the country.

U Atreya Sarma
16-Jan-2015 10:51 AM

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