One Good Job
By one simple but far reaching decision the Narendra  Modi government has made life considerably easier for the common man. The decision was to switch to self attestation of certain documents like birth certificates and marksheets.
Citizens are no longer required to get documents attested by a gazetted officer or file affidavits for common government-related work since the Centre has decided to settle for self-attested documents such as birth certificate and marksheets. 

The central  government has also advised  the state governments to do away with the necessity of attaching affidavits issued by notary or documents attested by gazetted officers with applications made to government departments. 

Above move  will save the common man the trouble of finding a gazetted officer, waiting in his office for the officer’s staff to kindly put a stamp or from spending money to get affidavits from a notary. Applicants to the government now only need to attach self-certified copies of their marksheet, birth certificate, etc. They will be  required  to produce the original documents at the final stage. 
Full credit must go to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this step. This idea was mooted five years back by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission. This clearly shows the apathy of the UPA government. They slept over such good ideas.
Would Mr Rahul Gandhi have done this ? Would he even know what this inconvenience means to the common man? If yes, why it was not done earlier?
Governing this vast country is a serious matter.
Financial Sense
Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this decision after seeing a presentation from Mr Sanjay Kothari, secretary at the Department of Administrative Reforms and Grievances (DARPG) on the benefits of abolishing the culture of affidavits.
It is reported that citizens in Punjab, the state which pioneered the move to do away with this practice in 2010, save approximately  Rs 600 crore annually as monetary cost of getting affidavits. Also, the time of government officials isn't wasted in attesting documents of the public. Add to that the cost of transportation and waiting time of the common man.
Thus the benefit to the nation would be in the tune of saving of several thousand crores for the common man in addition to lessening of harassment.
Two questions again crop up in this author’s mind-
·         Why UPA deprived citizens of this benefit for five years ?
·         Are there more of such simple but far reaching solutions in the cold storage ?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team should be applauded for this one good job and they need to do more.    

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comments on this Blog

Comment Small decision carry Destination in Milestone. It really indicate the Mr.Modi Presence of Mind for General Pupil.

Kishore Kr Singh
19-Aug-2014 09:54 AM

Comment This is not only good job but grate job done by sri Narendra Modi in favour of general public of our country.

17-Aug-2014 00:07 AM

Comment It is a good job by the NDA government. Attestation is a joke. As you say one can always have a fake rubber stamp which can never be verified especially in big cities. There are indeed many similar things. One that comes to my mind is affidavit. Any declaration by an individual is accepted legally if the declaration is made on a ten rupee stamp paper.

15-Aug-2014 12:17 PM

Comment This reminds me that I used to keep a fake stamp with me and used to stamp and sign myself wherever needed. Not that I am telling a way out. This is a step in right direction and I hope many more reforms are on their way by the Narendra Modi's government.

Arun Sharma
14-Aug-2014 18:59 PM

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