Shri Modi''s independence day speech

Listened to first Modi speech on Indian Independence Day from the ramparts of Red Fort. Those who have been waiting for big announcements may be tad disappointed and city-bred people like me may feel the speech lacking lusture, but the few agenda items for his Government and social agenda items he has set for the people would go a long way enabling the country to change. Shri Modi is a utilitarian man, an implementer. That is what he wants us to be. It is good not to be pretentious as unfortunately most educated people in India are. I am sure he will see to it that things do happen. I however am skeptical of his plan of revamping the planning commission. I feel Shri Manmohan Singh had already made some changes within it and I have a feeling that political noises apart he understood the inevitability of that. Great peoples' mind have worked in the planning process, from Netaji to Nehru and Mahalanobis. I do not see any need to tamper with it. I will rather see the Planning Commission retained and it rather be broad based including National Develoment Council conclve and Finance Ministers' meet within its ambit.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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