Some reflections on our Prime Minister''s speech

I am as yet reflecting on Shri Narendra Modi's speech from the ramparts of Red Fort. The remarkable thing about his speech was paying tributes to earlier prime ministers apart from a few predictable great personalities of this country. After assuming prime ministership of this country he has proved by his words and deeds that he is a very positive person and keeps negativity at arm's bay. However, when I reflect on the content, I just wonder what is occupying our Prime Minister's mind. And as an ordinary citizen I lament that a Prime Minister's mind will have to be occupied by such things. I do not know for sure for how many more decades our prime ministers will keep on addressing from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Independence Day speech naturally got transformed into development speech in the last so many years. But this time, Shri Modi brought in other issues. Probably, quite aptly. Significantly, his slogan and appeal: COME, MAKE IN INDIA. Our Prime Minister has kept the ideal of China and back in time to Japan. Surprisingly, China and Japan understood this as soon as Shri Modi became Prime Minister. Japan, probably, even earlier, during Shri Modi's Chief Ministership. In the whole scenario, one thing is clearly evident, India has had given way to Japan, China and Korea, countries which held the Olympics. But I quite understand that everything comes with a price. While most of our big companies have either a foreign parentage or even a foster parentage, increasingly our country will fall prey to foreign power mongering. The last election campaign has gave us a not so uncertain hint that already our democracy has fallen prey to corporate oligarchy. Under such circumstances religious escape route of the general population stand a chance of expanding. From Nehruvian Russan amorousness to Sonia-Manmohan-Montek's American amorousness was riden by the same Congress which in the guise of snatching power from the British was actually saddled to power by the British with a vengeance by severing of some muslim dominated territories. From some time Non-resident Indians have started calling the shots whch mostly back BJP because BJP gives an Indian nationalistic image to such Indians. Unfortunately, communists in this country could deliver only in few pockets of this country, like Kerala, Bengal and Tripura. Communism, by its own nature, being a competitive religion to traditional religions has found it an unsurmountable task of un-entreching of the Indian population who are steeped in religious practices for centuries. I am just keeping my fingers crossed to observe with interest the drama that is likely to unfold in our multicultural multi-religious society in the next decade when corporate oligarchy of multinationals and big Indian companies have a hayday. Shri Modi's call to MAKE IN INDIA has opened the door still wider now starting with Manmohanomics of Shri Narasimha's Prime Ministership.    

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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