Shri Narendra Modi''s toughness

At last we have a Prime Minister who has started calling the shots. Shri Narendra Modi's decision to call off forthcoming Secretary level meeting in Islamad will give Pakistan the right message. Pakistan can not but keep a posture of animosity towards India to justify its existence. Rulers of Turk, Af, Mongol lineage have overpowered India so much over centuries that remnant population of those rulers will never subserve and allow in a democratic India a peaceful existence. Turks may have changed a bit because of their proximity to Europe, but so called 'muslim countries` are yet to become democratic. The meaning of the term Islam (peace) actually hints the opposite (violent war mongering) of a people who have always been in internecine warfare. Mohammad tried and succeeded in forging a community who prays to God together (making Namaz). India's Jainism and Buddhism quitened Indians after the times of Ram and Krishna because India saw it all. Middle-East will take a few millenia more to settle down to peaceful existence. But who knows who will torment them then like Indians were tormented by Turk-Af-Mongol. If Batra is telling that India textbooks give more prominence to Mongols that is because that is a more recent history. One should never forget that it is the winners who takes all! Loosers you can sympathize with, but the flag would always be of the winners! We are seeing a revamp of the West Asian Society because of the Petro Dollars but the Petro Dollars too has given rise to Islamists. Technology is creating wealth but religious moorings will take a long time to get slackened.  

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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