The majority minority nonsense

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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In a democracy there can not exist any concept of majority or minority. People who do not think and those who do not vote based on their sound judgment and have a herd mentality only raise majority minority boogey. I for one who has been liberally educated (born, brought up, educated and earned my living in New Delhi) never suffered this herd mentality. When I reflect on my voting pattern, I have voted Jan Sangh, Congress, Samajwadi Party, Communist Party of India and Bharatiya Janata Party and even Janata Party. Probably no political party would love me for this but I always voted for the best interest of the country. In my personal life I have found political leaders superior to many educated middle class people who I found are rather selfish who usually mix up personal issues with national issues. I emphatically want to pronounce those who talk of majority and minority in adult franchise are not morally eligible to vote. I in fact do not even believe that any ism is better than some other ism.'isms` are just philosophies that are thought to do good to human societies and are experimented with by various societies in different historical periods human societies. Unfortunately, while some human beings are wise and conduct their life in a certain fashion so as not to cause grief to other human beings, majority of people throughout human history have in their lifetime acted selfish, acted cruel, caused grief to many and have behaved worst wearing the garb of some ism or some religion. Wherever there is democracy we should rather stop using the words majority, minority, opposition, etc. These words actually pervert democracy making it a farce and actually demeans human judgment and lower human stature.

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