Personal Fiefdoms

Personal   Fiefdoms
A lot is being discussed in media about emergence of united opposition (so called third front) and announcement of Leader of Opposition. This author attempts to record the status prevailing in  political parties on date.
Most of the non-BJP political parties have a one man / one family   image. Examples-
Congress- the fiefdom of Gandhis.
Trinamool- Ms Mamata is the only person who matters.
DMK - Karunanidhi  Inc.
ADMK - Amma all the way.
SP- Mulayam has his way with Akhilesh in saddle.
NCP - Mr Sharad Pawar planning for daughter Supriya.
RJD - Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav has his Mrs Rabri Devi and now Ms Misa Bharati.
LJP - Mr Paswan is trying to pass on the baton to his Chirag.
Barring few exceptions, somewhat similar similar situation exists in other political parties.
Non Democratic Functioning
None of the political parties have true internal democracatic system - no internal elections are held. Even when some announce internal elections, it is the nominated members who participate.
Thus we have political parties who donot practise inner democracy fighting elections in the largest democracy ! Can we expect them to have understanding of and respect for any democratic institution ?
Needless to say, a great dis-service to the nation has been done by promoting this culture.
It is time that something is done about this.
Almost all parties have same declared policies e.g. they all profess to be farmer friendly, industry friendly, FII friendly and so on. All claim to be non-communal.
This means that all they want is votes and power without having any distinct meaningful, thought out agenda or plan of action if they come to power.
While the fight goes on for Leader of Opposition, one needs to think beyond looking for power. The functioning of political parties may need to be regulated  to be in tune with our constitution.
Suggestion- the Election Commission’s mandate should  be reviewed to encompass political parties as well. They may be required to have internal elections in a defined manner.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment Very Good.Pls Stop the Family Generation in Politics. Thanks Kishore Kumar

kishore Kr Singh
22-Aug-2014 02:39 AM

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