Watching China-2

Watching China-2

The impending visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping warrants special preparation.  Prime Minister Modi’s team needs to be extremely watchful since the Chinese have tested us and continue to threaten.

Testing India

In 2012,  China made an  aggressive  and deft move to test Indian response. Visiting Chinese defence minister, General Liang Guanglie made a  Rs 100,000 tip to two IAF pilots. That was not a sudden decision. The envelopes were sealed and amount was exact. The pilots dutifully reported the incident.

The then government should have decisively and politely asked the visitor to get out of the country . Instead the General was further entertained in New Delhi. Definitely the Chinese would have rightly concluded that Indian Government is spineless. Will the Chinese tolerate any such antics by an Indian in Beijing ? Even a apology was not demanded !

Threatening India

It is reported that Chinese president Xi Jinping is likely to question the existence of the Tibetan government in exile in Dharamshala during his visit to India. 

China is of the view that Dalai Lama is is an anarchist. The Indian Government should demonstrate solidarity with the Dalai Lama before the President’s visit. In any case the Chinese do not care for our response- they do what they please in Tibet.
Any mention of above should be construed as a threatening to India. 

Fermenting Trouble

Besides eyeing Arunachal Pradesh and claiming 269 sq. kms  Doklam Plateau  in Bhutan, the Chinese have manoeuvred to ferment trouble in Pin Valley of  Himachal Pradesh.
Residents of remote picturesque Pin valley of Spiti in Himachal Pradesh have made known  intentions of seeking help from neighbouring China for improving infrastructure. Several  villages in Pin valley are very close to the border. Peoples lives are in danger since they use a bridge damaged two years back which is still unrepaired.

The insensitivity of our government has driven the residents to this situation- making the job of Chinese easy.

The least that the government can do is to identify and address such issues along the Border.
In another instance, the Chinese Army has objected to laying of electricity cables between Namgya village to Lukma border post in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Such objections ensure that development gets delayed in border areas. The government should ignore and go ahead decisively to implement such projects.

It is amazing that while China objects to smallest positive activity in the Indian side, our government kept quite when railway lines were  layed in Tibet.  Xigaze a Tibetan  town barely 200 kms from Sikkim is now connected to China Mainland by rail. Shouldn’t this be construed as a provocative step since troops and arms can be moved uncomfortably close to India ?

Strenghthening China

India had US $ 30 billion plus trade deficit with China in 2013-14.. Economists may see nothing wrong in having a deficit with one particular trading partner. They sermonize that each country should import from another who do it best. 

National Security is not concerned only with arms and ammunition. Are we not consciously strengthening China and helping them to intimidate us?  Those in charge of National Security should worry about this.

They should also worry about PLA propped business organizations gathering foothold in the country. One such example is Huawei. The CEO of Huawei is one Mr Ren Zhengfei-  ex PLA officer. The ownership of Huawei is unclear. It is amazing how such organizations get permission to setup business in our country. Is our country in safe hands ?

We must remember that the British entered India through East India Company.

Our Prime Minister has made the right moves by attempting to cement relationship with Bhutan, Nepal and now Japan.

We must beware of China since this is the only country having territorial ambition and they declare this loudly.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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