Apartheid in Making

Is apartheid in the making in our country?

Apartheid- means "the state of being apart". This was a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation by the National Party governments, the ruling party from 1948 to 1994. The rights, associations and movements of the majority black inhabitants were curtailed and Afrikaner minority rule ensured. Examples- blacks could not enter certain restaurants or neighbourhood.

In Greater Noida, a builder –Adarsh Group is building apartments- GULISTAAN GOLF VIEW HEIGHTS. This is touted as "dream homes for elite Muslim brotherhood". While it may make good business sense to the promoters, it raises important issues.

Is it that people of a particular religion feel more safe being huddled together? If so, then it warrants immediate attention of all.

In first stage we have a Muslim only colony. In next stage will we have separate for Shias, Sunnis and Bohras.

Earlier we have had an example of a housing society in Bengaluru SHANKARA AGRAHARAM priding itself as an exclusive Brahmin community township. Here, forget Hindus, only Brahmins are allowed!

This author has raised the issue earlier in “Unity in Diversity “ in Boloji- and felt compelled to write again after this disturbing development in Greater Noida.

One shudders of South Africa being replicated (legally or otherwise) in India.

Way Forward

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must focus on building mutual confidence among communities in a planned manner. Some may laugh off this idea in view of his RSS background. But then he has demonstrated ability to initiate simple but far reaching initiatives.

Even attempting above could not have been expected from his predecessor, who was something like a caretaker Prime Minister or a Regent.

This may appear like chasing dreams, but greatness is achieved only when dreams are attempted with earnest effort. Mr Modi can do it.

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment It is not only about safety. There are social aspects also. You might have heard reports from Mumbai that Muslims were not allowed to rent an apartment in some societies. Many people feel uncomfortable if their Muslim neighbors are cooking non-vegeterian food. For a Muslim, praying five times is compulsary and best if it is done in a mosque. I have seen many Muslims living in areas where there is no mosque nearby, even up to 5-10 km. I had to start my bike and go to pray on Fridays from my office. My boss was kind to allow me to go in the middle of work, but is it possible if I had to go to mosque for the dawn prayers or the night prayers? Also, you cannot compare this to South African system of racial segregation. The Hindu majority is not propelling Muslims to make their separate colonies. I live in a Muslim-dominated area and there are some Hindu families living there without any problem. Similary, some of my Muslim friends live in Hindu-dominated areas and they feel absolutely secure living there.

08-Sep-2014 02:05 AM

Comment Navin There is nothing wrong same kind of people coming together forming groups and associations on the basis of religion or region or languages so long as they are tolerant of other kind of people. Such groups nurture different cultures. Then they interact with other groups and their comes unity in diversity. After all we have purely vegetarian restaurants which are differentiating on the basis of your eating habits. Only thing we have to observe is that such groups do not spread hatred for others. It is good that you are raising different kind of issues which force us to think. Keep writing. Arun

Arun Sharma
07-Sep-2014 22:50 PM

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