A few good things are happening in our vast nation . These should be noted, encouraged, praised by the public. Some of them are mentioned below.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently pulled up a minister in cabinet meeting for giving gifts to journalists covering  his ministry. As per reports, Modi  made clear his zero tolerance for doling out freebies. This is a welcome change in the administration.
Buying good reviews from Media has become a accepted practice by administrators and business houses. Media should also evolve a effective code of conduct. One would have loved to hear the name of such journalists who have received gifts.
Greed for money / power prompts administrators and media barons to buy and sell news. If they could,  they would even manufacture news!
Dislodging Occupants
Thirty leaders of our nation are experiencing the difficulties of common man by living without electricity and power. This will definitely generate empathy in them and help them in doing a better job in five or ten years’ time. 
The thirty leaders include Mr Ajit Singh, Mr Azhar-ud-din and their UPA colleagues whose houses in Delhi is now without  electricity and water. The NDMC was forced to do so because these Hon’ble ex-Ministers and MP’s would not vacate the bunglows.
The swift and decisive action by the administration is a welcome change.
In UK, when a new PM is elected, he moves into 10 Downing Street within twenty four hours. Forget renovation, even the curtains are not changed. The Butler of 10 Downing Street serves successive governments! We may take some time to mature to that level, but a beginning has to be made.
Debarring of such defaulters to contest elections should be considered.
Claiming of  stolen wealth
During his recent visit to India, Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbot of Australia returned two ancient Hindu Statues which were stolen from India. This is a important, albeit symbolic gesture. While one may not try for return of Koh-i-Noor  , several such rectification is in order.
While visiting Jallianwala Bag in Amritsar in 2013, the UK Prime Minister Mr David Cameron, called it a shameful event  but  defended  not offering  apology for their barbaric act. India must ask for apology as a pre-condition to having business with them.
This is difficult, but not impossible- Queen Elizabeth II refused to apologize for atrocities during the Boer War (even when the victims were white Afrikaaners). The same Lady  gave her assent to a legislative approval  for apology to Maoris of New Zealand for taking their land way back in 1863 and also offered to return 39000 acres of land as well as $112 million as compensation.
 It is ironical that former UK Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair extracted  apology from the Japanese Prime Minister  Ryutaro Hashimoto for people who suffered in Second World War. 
The British should be reminded of their atrocities in India and their double standard be pointed out.
We owe to the martyrs to extract a apology from the Britishers (they can keep the supposedly cursed Koh-i-Noor and all the plundered wealth which made them a Superpower).

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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