Why (not) Criticize PM Modi?

Vasant G. Gandhi
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The fans of Narendra Modi are angry at those who are criticizing him, the way a newly married man is angry at his parents and family members for criticizing his new wife. “How dare you chide a new bahu!” the man roars, give her some time to show what she can do for our family. The supporters of Prime Minister Modi, who assumed office on 26 May 2014, are saying the same thing: give him some time to show what he can do for our country.

A few days ago, PM Modi ordered all primary-school-students in India to come to their schools on Teacher’s Day to listen to his lecture via telecast. This made his unhappy opponents even more vocal. However, the opponents are missing the point.

As the head of government, PM Modi could address any group, anyplace, anytime. He could address lovers on Valentine’s Day, mothers on Mother’s Day, fathers on Father’s Day, grandparents on grandparents’ Day, workers-of-India on May Day, and so on.

Also, orator Modi orates for reasons. He wants to educate us and to inspire us. May be he wants to show that he is not an ordinary man but a learned man, a great thinker, and a man of high caliber. Or perhaps, he wants to hear himself. So let him speak. And ignore how often he gives a talk or how long he talks the talk. More importantly, do not guess his motives behind the talk.

The critics ask why Modi, who just came to power four months ago, seems to be in a hurry to visit abroad. Is it because he hasn’t seen many nations?

It is true that Modi hasn’t seen a vast majority of the countries in the world, but that’s not the reason for his dash to foreign nations.

PM Modi travels to foreign nations to improve India’s image abroad, to impress foreigners, to bring in foreign aid (in thousands of corers of rupees), and to lure foreign corporations to India. We need foreigners to fix our railways, roadways, defense, the river Ganga or Ma Ganga as he calls her, etc. So let him travel overseas.

Remember, it was British who helped build our railways long ago; now either China or Japan will upgrade them.

If some pundits prefer to assess the Prime Minister Modi’s performance or style now – not months later as his followers fancy – then let them. His admirers need not get galled.

In a democratic nation, neither the politicians nor the bureaucrats are above the criticism. The more power a public servant has the more compelling it is check on him or her, because he or she could ruin the nation.

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Comment This is a well written article. We forget that the people have brought them into power and we have every right to question their motives... They are called public servants for a reason and they should not try to think they are above the public. And this is true for every political party that comes to power. Sadly politicians are busy filling their coffers with money at the expense of public welfare. Look at the state of our roads. and what happens to them when it rains. I for one got into the business of helping people get their pan cards faster thanks to the current BJP government. When the pressure was on on everybody to pay taxes etc I felt that there was a huge gap in the services offered by the government versus an agent. From my personal experience when I submitted a form at the government office (UTIISL) they misplaced the form for my company pan card and finally I had to resubmit it through an agent and my pan card arrived within 3 weeks. Finally I got it done through this website and I got into the business myself. I think even if the charges are higher atleast you are assured that your form wont be misplaced.

05-Jul-2018 12:08 PM

Comment Mr. Arora, it sounds like you want PM Modi to bring in foreign companies and foreigners to India to develop our nation. Here are some of my arguments against it: 1. The vast majority of the countries were (and are being) developed by their own citizens' and their hard work. For example, America, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc. were all developed by their own citizens. 2. We have millions of engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, etc. why can't they help develop our nation. 3. We have thousands of small- to mid-scale industries, so why are we not encouraging them and helping them to do more. 4. Our Mars Orbiter Mission was conceived, constructed, and deployed by our team of space scientists and engineers; and it is now being monitored by Indians. It is 100% indigenous! It is firm my belief and personal experience that those individuals who seek help and handouts will never know the triumph of self-reliance.

25-Sep-2014 14:55 PM

Comment fMr. Modi is already aware of the seriousness of the local problems mostly enumerated in his pre-election speeches.His team of colleagues is dedicatedly busy in resolving them with his consultation.To have proper appraisal of how our neighbour,developing and developed countries of the world weigh us in the global status measure ,it becomes necessary for Mr.Modi to visit those countries or call their heads here in a shortest possible time to draw a road map for the speedy development of India to bring back to it name ,fame and glory of pre- medieval age blending it well with the modern age technology.

S L Arora
22-Sep-2014 10:21 AM

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