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Dear Nawaz Sharif-ji, please see reason
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Nawaz Sharifji, turn over and reflect. Your dapper personality has got a beating in the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to an Indian and a teenager Pakistan. This at a time when Pakistani Rangers probably backed up by Pakistan Army and your tacit pampering have been shelling border villages of India's Jammu & Kasmir kiling many and driving away from home and hearth thousands robbing them of peace and avocation and putting them under hardship. Please please eschew your old ways. Do something for your country and South Asia to be remembered a little differently. If you see reason and change your mind, it would be better for you and your country. India's current Prime Minister is a different kind of person. He acts with conviction. Please do not underestimate him. Do not underestimate our Defence Minister too. He is bhadra (gentle) Punjabi. But he too can call the shots. 

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