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Satyarthi Who ?
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A pleasant surprise that the subcontinent has two Nobel Prize winners that too for Peace- the most elusive and difficult thing to have in today’s strife torn world.
Satyarthi- Who ? This was the response this author got from not less than a hundred educated citizens scurrying to internet to update themselves about this gentleman. Malala- yes, each one of them had heard of- that brave girl from Pakistan.
Role of Media
Both Mr Kailash Satyarthi and Miss Malala Youzsafzai can be perfect role models for the young generation and inspiration for all who want to do something good. The media highlighted Malala’s well deserved courageous stand but has not done the same for Mr Satyarthi. Why ?
Media today thrives on sensationalism to a good extent. They add typical comments and matching photographs to “sell” a story. While it is fine for them to print what they please, it is important that they be fair and bring the not so sensational news also to the notice of the world.
Are there more of Satyarthis and Malalas  in the subcontinent ? Other such souls must be also toiling hard in a selfless manner for cause dear to their heart and welfare of the society at large.
We should be hearing more of the likes of Satyarthi and Malala and less of criminals roaming around as politicians, civil servants and members of business community who driven by greed bring only misery on the very people they claim to serve !
Role of Politicians
Why has the government not made Mr Satyarthi a nominated member of Rajya Sabha ? Why he has not been awarded Bharat Ratna ? How come such talented people escape the notice of the powers that be.? These are some of the questions also coming to mind.
We have sportsmen and filmstars in the parliament who never attend any sessions. The likes of Mr Satyarthi would definitely have made a difference to the quality of debates and discussions in the parliament.
The glamorous sportsmen and filmstars in parliament are accomplished entertainers dancing to the tune of those who pay them. Most of them are so busy in their profession that they would be indifferent and oblivious to the needs of the society.
This pool of talented and selfless people of the like of  Mr Satayrthi and Miss Malala must be identified, encouraged in the society. They are the people who can make a positive impact in the subcontinent.
We need to wake up and not wait for the far away Nobel Committee members to identify such people for us.

One suggestion- offer Malala citizenship of India or grant her a permanent resident status.

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Comment I could not have agreed more than what Navin has to a say.Our vision has truly grown myopic and we fail to see things around us and focous more on what is glittering in outside world.We have scores of such dedicated individuals working silently for a cause instead we pick up people far from having such selfless service records as our role models and nominate them for Padma Award,you already know who are such people.It is high time now that we set our priority in the right earnest and identify such people and bring to the fore to create a positive atmosphere in this country.We will do a great service to our nation and its cause if we cut down the daily dosage of sex corruption and blatant abuse of media for sensetionalising and give space to the work of such gentlemen like Sri Satyarthi.

vijay karan
10/20/2014 07:24 AM

Comment Indeed the Nobel Prize Committee has done a commendable work in finding out Mr. Satyarthi. I was surfing through the facebook that night when I came across a one line post reading "Congratulations to all Indians. My father is the first Indian born to receive the Nobel Peace Prize." It was so casual that first I ignored it. As I went ahead with my surfing my brain was probably still trying to find out the meaning of that one line post. And then came the enlightenment. I googled and yes she was talking about Nobel Peace Prize. Unbelievable.

Arun Sharma
10/13/2014 00:55 AM

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