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SWACHH BHARAT two important steps
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Government should stop use of plastics as, carry bags for domestic purposes completely & packaging material for industrial purposes as far as possible. Studies have shown that a large proportion of garbage consists of plastics which never get destroyed and contaminates the land permanently.
Carry bags used in homes make major proportion of its overall use & need to be controlled immediately. These bags have replaced conventional cotton bags due to cheaper price and easier availability. A person going to grocery shop doesn’t need to carry any bag because he knows that the shop keeper would provide him plastics bags at no direct cost. Citizens show good concern about conservation of environment but individual contribution doesn’t come out in same proportion. Ultimately every individual is getting affected due to pollution and health problems are increasing day by day. Hence each of us is responsible minimize creation of waste and make our own individual contribution towards this mission. The government has the opportunity to take initiative & make suitable laws to stop manufacturing of these plastic bags & help those industries which are making cotton bags to enable its proper availability at cheaper rates.
It may not be possible for the government to completely stop use of plastics for industrial purposes because it helps protect the goods from getting damaged during transportation, storage etc. But industries have to come out & minimize, re-use & re-cycle these plastics sheets & improve on it on year on year basis. They should also look for alternate material & make investments to develop alternate material which has lesser environment impact. Here the government should monitor overall use & encourage those industries which contribute towards protection of environment through tax benefits etc.

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Comment Prashant, nice thoughts. Re-cycled plastic is supposed to be even more dangerous. Some have made bricks of waste plastic for road construction etc... Subsidizing of cotton / jute bags may be a solution, but again not very palatable to economists and industrialists because of "subsidy". We have seen significant decline in cigarette smoking in public places, mainly because of stiff penalty. Similar penalties should be there for Paan (Betel). since people spit here and there.

10/13/2014 04:54 AM

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