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Fine Line between Belief and Reality
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For most us Seeing is Believing. Whatever be the descriptions and personal anecdotes that others may present before us, most of us start believing in Something only after seeing it in front of our own eyes. And for most of us, once we start believing in Something we begin to become less objective, rational and even slip into the dangerous realm of blind belief. Here lies the main problem that is afflicting many of our so-called educated and intelligent human beings.

Nothing can illustrate the topic more than the video below. So let us watch it first.
We can confidently assume that the audience here belongs to the top 1 to 2 % of the world’s population in terms of their education, intelligence and background. But see how they are prone to a grave error of judgment. If some of them happen to be in a jury for a case of assault, there is an overwhelming chance of making a big mistake. It is all because we tend to believe in what we believe we saw. And consequently we become more and more adamant about our belief.

The same mistake of error in judgment happens to many of us in our lives. Thanks to constant association, the belief of Something starts growing in us. Sometimes we ourselves may not be aware of it. Because we are inside the very system, our natural objectiveness and rationality starts diminishing. Often it takes someone outside the system to tell us that we are indeed wrong. The lesson to learn is very clear – Whenever you want to decide about something very important in life, take a step outside and then decide. The consequences can be disastrous otherwise.

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