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Jibankrishna or Diamond in Dreams - Chapter 10
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[Diamond used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners coming to his residence every day. The discussions were mainly based on the metaphors of Sri Ramkrishna as described in Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and it used to continue from noon to night.
discussions and daily experiences were recorded by some listeners in their diaries and later on has been published in a Bengali magazine since 1968. This article is mainly based on a compilation work from different diaries and magazines and after editing and translating these into English I am going to publish regularly in several chapters.]
Diamond appears in human beings as Supreme Man or ‘Param Brahma’

19th July, 1958.
The great Soul exists in every animal object of this earth. The great Soul and the great Brahma are identical. Though I appear within you in the form of great Brahma or ‘Parama Brahma’.

Brahma Upanishad has mentioned wonderfully that “those who cannot see the sun in microcosm, let them perform their work by the sun in macrocosm.” I can see hear that my spiritual power which enables you to see my form within you is the form of every human being, and this form exists in each of you. Form means power. This spiritual power is innate in a man.

My form appears spontaneously in those with good prejudices and for this reason without coming to me or without knowing anything about me, many have seen my form within them.

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