Shame of Boko Haram Kidnapping !

We take pride in calling ourselves  a civilized society of 21st century. The continuing  incidents of kidnapping of young girls in Nigeria should put us all to shame. The world leaders have done little to solve the plight of these helpless innocents. All their summits at exotic locales are of little consequence if they are unable to solve these kidnappings and prevent their recurrence. The author gives present status and suggests some actions way forward.
Present Status
About six months back Boko Haram extremist group kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in the Nigerian town Chibok. Fifty seven girls have escaped, but 219 remain in captivity. Media reports that additionally about 100 girls have been kidnapped from different places.
One of Boko Haram leaders has recently said that the episode of kidnapped girls is history, claiming that most have been converted to Islam and married off !
How the leaders of the world are accepting this is surprising. A lot has been documented and discussed about past genocides, but this real time incident happening right under our nose continues to be ignored. About 2000 civilians have been reportedly killed in this year so far by this organization. Chika Oduah, a journalist has documented the pain through which the kidnapped girl’s families are going through- no less than any known genocide.
Although this outfit is a Muslim organization, both Muslims and Christians have suffered at their hands.
Way Forward
Military solution is one way out. With modern technology it should be possible to locate the missing girls and rescue them like it was done for Osama. Simultaneously, their organization will need to be obliterated by force. This movement is a menace which should be nipped in the bud before it finds more takers and spreads elsewhere.
Political solution would be to rope in all Muslim religious leaders and ask them to denounce such actions. This should be followed by isolating them through cutting their supply lines. The greedy Arms Merchants  would need to be restrained.
Saudi Arabian government should consider to ban entry of such members of extremist organizations to Mecca / Medina who bring to disrepute the faith of Islam.
Do the world leaders have the courage and willingness to take some action ? By inaction are we not encouraging  barabarism  and consequently do we have  right to call ourselves civilized?

More By  :  Navin Chandra Mishra

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Comment Respected Sir Superb Sir...

01-Dec-2014 22:08 PM

Comment Yes certainly the group needs to be dealt with but Nigerian leaders have been engrossed in the huge money that is coming from oil resources. Probably they do not have time to deal with this situation.Apart from that the northern part of Nigeria is Muslim dominated and can pose serious challenge to the security forces. Bokoharam has made the north eastern region as their strong hold. That's the reason why they have managed to stay with the hostages.Oil and diamond politics of subsahara region is quite complex.

g sondur
24-Nov-2014 07:24 AM

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