Bengal will be crucial for BJP

I am a Bengali born and brought up in Delhi. I have been emotionally attached to Bengal since my childhood. I keep abreast of happenings in Bengal since my adulthood. Literature, Music and for the sake of information, politics. I have seen since my age of pre-thirty how blindly middle-class Bengali hated Jyoti Basu. But I have observed Jyoti Basu's astuteness, in spite of blind uni-directional actions of left political parties in Bengal. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya tried to veer round but came a cropper. A street politician userped the political scenario of Bengal and I am aghast to note the political naivette and gullibility of the Bengalees at large and Bengalee middle class in particular who put this person in power in Bengal. Naturally, the person has failed. In spite of my total secular outlook I am sorry to say political parties have played a very negative social role in the Indian political scenario. Today BJP is on the ascent for the negative role played by these political parties. Fortunately or unfortunately, most educated people are left in outlook. Therefore BJP lacks enough talent. How much Modi alone can compensate for the general lack of talent is really a question that needs an adequate answer. Mr Modi's think tank is excellent and Mr Modi is pragmatic. Bengal therefore will be very crucial for BJP's true rise in India as Mr Amit Shah spoke in his Kolkata rally on 30th November. Amit Shah by training is a technocrat (a Biotechnologist) and therefore a right kind of politician in modern India.

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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