Sharadha scam and Trinamul: some issues

Mamata Banerjee questioned: Kunal chor? Tumpai chor? Madan chor? Mukul chor? Aami chor? CBI has taken first three persons into custody. CBI is carrying out an enquiry under the instruction of Supreme Court in respect of larger conspiracy. While it is quite in order that people who have been duped should get back their due, many finer issues crop up. First, Mamata Banerjee's effort at making compensatory payments to people who lost money by keeping money with Shardha. This was an objectionable step on two counts: 1) Taxpayers' money can not be frittered away like this. 2) If Trinamul has been a beneficiary of Sharadha money, then such largesse is tantamount to funneling out exchequer`s money, which is nothing but fraud. Mamata and her political cohorts repeatedly tried to befool people by saying that Sharadha came into existence during left rule. This is untenable. Responsibility of existence of Shardha depends squarely on SEBI and RBI, and not the left rulers of Bengal. Aparently, Trinamul party fattened itself on Sharadha money. Gullible people may have fallen prey by seeing some senior Trinamul leaders on various stages of Shardha. But responsibility of such gullibility does not fall directly on those leaders. This is a weak legal wicket. Also, if Sudipta Sen gave people money right, left and all around, the people who got fattened by such money does not get punishable automatically. Kunal, Srinjaoy, Madan will be punishable if they have blackmailed Sudipta. But then Sudipta has to complain in the first place that he was blackmailed. Trinamul could easily have come out clean by showing money taken from Sharadha as donations. But because Trinamul has muddled thinking they are unable to handle the matter. Because Trinamul is hardly a political party, it is rather a motley of opportunists riding Bengal's aversion to communists, it is as well they get annihilated by the Shardha scam. Politics needs philosophical backing.   

More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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